Myanmar Food: More Flavors to Savour!

Burmese food is delicious, a cuisine that highlights local delicacies as well as Indian and Chinese influences.

 If you’re curious about Burmese cuisine, this Burmese Food provides an overview of Burmese curries, snacks, street food and different taste!

Monhingar and Tea!

Mont Oak Kalay or Mont Lyn Ma Yar!

Zadawpae Pyout and Nann!

Laphet Htamin (Rice Tea Leave Salad)!

Mont Lone Yay Paw!

Fried Tofu with Tamarind Sauce!

Stuff Bean Curd!

Mont La Saung!

Kauk Nyin Paung (Steam Glutinous Rice with shredded coconut)!

Hta Minn Kyaw (Fried Rice with Pea)!

Shan Sticky Rice!

Daung Lan Htamin / Sakaw Htamin!

Htamin Toute ( Rice Salad)!

Glutinous Rice Set!

Htan Tee Mont!

Mont La Saung!

Creamy Coconut Stuff Dumpling!

Htamane !

Tofu Salad!

Ohn Not Kauk Swae ( Coconut Noodle Soup)!

Shan Kauk Swae ( Shan Noodle)


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