Yangon Water Bus Tour

About 3 hours

The Yangon Water Bus is a new transportation option that started up last October. The  bus services a 7 jetties:

  1. Bohtataung Terminal (Back of the Bohtataung Pagoda Compound)
  2. Nan Thidar Terminal (Pansodan Street)
  3. Lan Thit Jetty (Lan Thit Street)
  4. Kyee Myindaing Terminal (Kyee Myindaing Kannar Road,near Zay Gyee Street)
  5. Hlaing Terminal (Hlaing Station Road, next to Shwe Padauk Fish Market)
  6. Punn Hlaing Terminal (Punn Hlaing Golf Estate)
  7. Insein Terminal (Aung Zay Ya Bridge )

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Yangon Water Bus Tour


The whole route takes about 3 hours to complete. There are different schedules that you can check at the Yangon Water Bus Website (www.yangonwaterbus.com ) or their facebook page before you go to one of its stops. The Ticket price for local is 300 MMK and for a foreigner 1200 MMK. Along the way you can see the nice view of the Yangon riverside and even catch up with sunset in Yangon river in the evening schedule.

The company stretch the Yangon – Twantwe route for visiting the pottery village and a town visit and Yangon River evening Sunset Cruise with reasonable rate. Recommend to give it a try while in Yangon.



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