Shan State & Surrounding

“Inle Lake, natural and unpolluted, is famous for its scenic beauty and the unique leg-rowing of the Inthas, the native lake-dwellers. Moreover, floating villages, colorful daily floating market and Inle Spa are places worthy to visit.”


Inlay Lake is the second largest in Myanmar and most of tourists choose to visit because they can study the cultures and life style of natives and the beauty of natural environment. One-leg rowing boat that couldn’t be seen in the world expect Myanmar, studying handicrafts in a village and social system of nationality are the attractions of Inlay.


Kalaw is earning a cool reputation among budget travellers, and it’s not just due to its chilly winter weather. Located at 1320m on the rolling, pine-clad hills of the Shan Plateau, this is Myanmar’s budget trekking heartland. Located to the west of beautiful Inle Lake, some travellers enjoy hiking between the two (about 45km), on mountains dotted with Palaung, Pa-O, Intha and Shan villages.


A beautiful drive of at least 2-hour (though the road is in pretty bad condition) from Heho airport will bring one to Pindaya. Being that Myanmar is an agrarian society, while driving through the countryside especially to and from Pindaya, visitors can absorb the essence of the countryside. he Pindaya caves, the home of countless Buddha images as well as interesting stalagmites, is one of the many highlights you would witness in and around Pindaya. While in Pindaya, walking around the Pindaya Lake in the morning and later afternoon would let you inspire the natural locals’ routines of works. The handicraft production of Shan Bamboo hat and umbrella and Shan Paper made out of Mulberry tree are part of the attraction of Pindaya.


Taunggyi is the capital of Southern Shan State, situated over 1430 m above sea level. It is ideal for holidaymakers during the summer and cool and pleasant of the year round. The market on every fifth day is crowded with ethnic minorities in their traditional dresses. It is famous for KAKKU; best described as a vast orchard of stupas. Taunggyi is well known for its hot air balloon competition held in November every year.