8 Days in Myanmar Horoscope


Zodiac Sign: Garuda (Mythical Bird)

Lucky Color: Red

Luck Stones: Topaz, Diamond.

Personality: You are kind of proactive and well-planned about your work and you take responsible as a leader.  You value and look after the friends and relatives. You are broad-minded and charisma in your soul. People take advantage of your helpful and supportive nature although you work well for them. Be careful about lending money which can never be returned. You will get success and reach higher position by your trustworthiness. You mind is very keen on indulgence. So you should keep control it to be a minimum.


Zodiac Sign: Tiger

Lucky Color: White

Luck Stones: Pearl, Crystal

Personality: Very Patient and perseverance .You are always reliable person. You have lots of fabulous ideas and intuition. High sensibility about art: on music and literature. You like helping people and overcome and reach to higher level in life with those supportive people around you.  Your weak point is that you are easily spilled your beans. You should be careful not to talk about your secrets so easily.


Zodiac Sign: Lion

Lucky Color: Grey

Luck Stones: Ruby, Emerald

Personality: You are a noble person. You are very definite in purpose and go ahead spirits is in your mind when your desire burns your soul. You can be strong-willed and opinionated but you are usually correct in your estimation. You can’t accept lies and injustice. If you think you are right, you don’t care about people’s antipathy. Your curiosity let you volunteer to that issue. You will get success from works those people not willing to do. You have to be careful about using money on less useful items otherwise you may face financial problem.


(Wednesday Morning born: from midnight 12:00 am to before 12:00 noon)

Zodiac Sign: Elephant with Tusks

Lucky Color: Emerald Green

Luck Stones: Amethyst, Lodestone.

Personality: Positive-minded, patient for all kind of actions and easily forgive to people. You love friends. Reading is your matched hobby. You like freedom and hate rules.  Sometimes you like to precedence your interest than your work. You have lots of interest in different areas. So it is hard to focus on one subject and the act on haste plan will lead you to failure. If you want to walk on successful path, think well and plan carefully before any action comes. You like to solve the problem of others and are an inspiration to people.

Rahu (Wednesday Afternoon born: from 12:00 noon to before midnight)

Zodiac Sign: Elephant without Tusks

Lucky Color: Light Brown

Luck Stones:  Amethyst, Lode Stone.

Personality: Your attitude will change depend on person whom you like or dislike. Though you have the ability to get the job done, you have to give up your success if you leave things on half way or incomplete situation as you may bore easily and get tired of the same things. You can be introverted and quiet but you are unstoppable when it comes to getting what you want. You are focused and driven to strike success in your hand. You are good at handling money.


Zodiac Sign: Rat

Lucky Color: Gold

Luck Stones:  Sapphire, Carnelian.

Personality: You can be hard to figure out because of your contradictory nature. You are strong and like to take responsibility for others and leading type. If you decide on one goal, you are focused and driven and have knack for getting ahead. You are over confidence and some people may not like it but you are excellent at promoting yourself and work that you’re intelligent and your ability send you to higher position in life. About work, you don’t mind or make problem about small mistakes but just concentrate on the tact of how to success. You value friends and make a wonderful friend. On the other hand, you are a private person and love to keep secrets.


Zodiac Sign: Guinea Pig

Lucky Color: Off White

Lucky Stones: Emerald, Cat’s Eye.

Personality: Very Pious, Talkative. You prefer to work alone. You stick on what you want to do no matter what happen as you believe that you are the master of yourself. You don’t like depending on others to get job done and sometimes, people around you may misunderstand. You are spontaneous and people love you for your passion. You are happy if you are able to accomplish achievements on your own term. You like beauty and extravagance.


Zodiac Sign: Dragon

Lucky Color: Black

Luck Stones: Turquoise, Diamond

Personality: Knowledgeable and Philosophical. You work diligently for people. Your heart is full of liberty and self-reliance which control your life path. You have passed through all the ups and downs.  Work steadily as you tend to be very hard working and this should bring you various rewards. You take responsibility for your action. You have an ability of well managing about money. You are kind of religious person too. You melt down on some flattery words.

Addtion 100 years calendar link and background will be zodiac shade color.

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